Gabriel’s Birth Story

     My first pregnancy was literally the perfect textbook pregnancy. I was so blessed to be healthy and thriving! My biggest and only complaint was how HUGE I was!

      Fast forward to 38 weeks pregnant. I was already fully effaced and 2.5 cm dilated. My doctor asked me, “Do you want to be induced at 39 weeks? You’re ready. I won’t make you suffer any longer.” Rob and I looked at each other and knew that would be perfect! My husband works for himself and has to hire someone to take over his business any time he takes off of work. So a planned delivery would be ideal. 

     We scheduled our induction for 5 am on Saturday July 15, 2017. We got to the hospital, my husband was sleepy-eyed and I was all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I had been up for three hours prior doing last minute prepping, praying, and of course fixing up my hair and makeup!

     Considering it was our first child, and the first grandchild and nephew in the family, our entire family wanted to be there for the delivery. Everyone showed up not long after we had arrived. There was the news playing on the big tv for the grandpas and the smell of coffee filled the room. 

     We started the pitocin drip at about 8 am and then the contractions started getting stronger, stronger, and STRONGER. I remember being in so much pain and still having everyone carry on with their conversations and laughter about 5 feet away from my hospital bed. Phew, it was rough for a while. I was progressing fast, but my water still did not break by the time the doctor made his rounds. At 11 am, my doctor broke my water bag. Then those contractions were REALLY strong. I was waiting on that epidural! I got my epidural at 12:03 at 4cm dilated. 

     I was extremely nervous for my epidural, but even more afraid for a catheter??? Literally have no clue why, lol. Not to mention no one warned me about these “epidural shakes” that were about to come over me. Never heard of them? Well, consider yourself warned! After a few minutes of having my epidural, I began shaking uncontrollably to the point that my muscles were so fatigued. I was also freezing! Tip: ask your nurse for warm towels. At least the pain was gone though, right?

     I jumped from 4cm to 8cm in about an hour. The nurse said it wouldn’t be much longer and came back shortly and I was at 9. At that time, everyone left the room except my mom and my husband. My poor husband was shaking in his shoes. He was so sweet and thankful through it all. It was really hard on him seeing me in pain. I heard the nurse tell everyone as they left the room that they could go and get some lunch because it would take a long time. Well, she was wrong. I had his head out before my doctor got on our floor. The nurses actually had me “rest” and stop pushing!

     I pushed four times when the doctor got in and we delivered a beautiful, perfectly healthy baby boy! It really happened so fast. My husband was so great, he never left my side, even after Gabe was born. He made sure I was okay while the doctor stitched me up (yes, I had to have an episiotomy unfortunately). He kept rubbing my face and thanking me. Our family had time to go downstairs and came right back up!


     I was still shaking uncontrollably when they laid him on my chest and it was so hard to hold him up. We did skin on skin therapy and I got him calm and comfortable and then Daddy and Lee Lee got to hold and love on him. Seeing my husband become a daddy was absolutely the most heartwarming and beautiful sight in the world.  


We love you baby boy.

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