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Our Story

As an experienced mom, with two babies who rejected market pacifiers, I can’t count the sleepless nights trying to soothe my little ones. Every night I’d try a multitude of internet methods but resort to using the breast or bottle to soothe. This ultimately led to overeating and constant belly aches - and an extremely tired mom, dad, and baby. 

As my babies grew out of the paci age, I still had the lingering hope for other little ones and mommas that had my struggle. I needed to make a change and what better way in finding success, than to include my community while doing so. I enlisted friends, family, and even friends of family whom I’ve never even met, to share their stories of hope and provide feedback to the pacifier models I designed. 

 After almost three years spent on testing, we discovered both bottle fed and breastfed babies had an easier time latching to a natural, curved nipple. So mimicking the sloped curve of a mother’s breast and most market bottles, we had the Lee Lee + Me Paci design. There is no other pacifier on the market that mirrors the maternal biology that the baby is keen to. Through multiple stages and safety tests, we finalized a “baby-approved” model and began development. During this time the news of our pacifier spread through the town and I had mommas all over the area giving praise and requests for the Lee Lee + Me Paci to begin production. 

We’d love for you to be a part of this success story and give your baby the last pacifier they will ever need.  

- Hannah, Lee Lee + Me Founder