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Lee Lee and Me Paci

Lee Lee and Me will be launching the Lee Lee and Me Paci soon!
These were designed because both of my children rejected every pacifier on the market. They didn’t love any of them. As you may know, Lee Lee and Me sells many other pacifier brands in shop. There are many great pacifiers on the market, but the problem with the pacifier market, is that there is not enough variety. I’m sure you can all agree that every baby is different, and nipple latching is a common struggle for parents and babies. The Lee Lee and Me Paci is different from all other pacifiers on the market.

  • The nipple is designed for a better latch! The paci nipple has a gradual natural-like curve that closely resembles a mother’s breast/baby’s bottle nipple. Designed by a momma who knows the struggle. 
  • The shield is big enough so that it is not able to fit into the child’s mouth and become a choking hazard. But, it is small enough so that it allows enough air flow to the baby’s nose. 
  • There are three large breathing holes to allow better air circulation to the baby’s nose and help prevent irritation. 
  • The handle is designed to help your babies easily grab them and learn to place them in their mouth! 
  • They are CPSC safety certified!
  • Made of medical grade silicone. 
  • The pacifiers are made by liquid silicone being injected to one single mold. This means the pacifier is all one piece and has no parts for bacteria to hide.
  • Free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates, and latex.

I hope you will follow along with the journey and continue to offer your love, support, and prayers!

Thank you for believing in me,